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Top Reasons to Visit the Beach for a Relaxing Getaway

April 10, 2023, Author: Collin Day

Beach vacations offer relaxation and improve mental and physical health for an overall well-being experience. Unplugging at the beach is a great way to take a break from technology and the stressors of everyday life. Beach destinations provide opportunities for adventure and quality time with loved ones and friends. The scenery at beaches promotes serenity […]


5 Must-See Sights in America for Couples to Unwind

January 19, 2023, Author: Collin Day

Grand Canyon National Park is a must-visit for couples who want an unforgettable experience with sweeping views. Washington D.C. offers iconic monuments to admire, romantic boat rides around the Washington Monument, and picnics on Capitol Hill. San Francisco has Victorian architecture, cable cars, waterfront views, and delicious food. Michigan has picturesque lakes and lighthouses, as […]


Why is it Much Better to Travel with a Partner

July 24, 2022, Author: Collin Day

Traveling is a great opportunity to see new places, learn about other cultures and bond with the people you’re with. It gives you the chance to escape the mundane routine of everyday life and experience something new. And what better way to do this than with a partner? While traveling solo has its perks, there […]


Four Cities You Should Definitely Visit in South America

June 23, 2022, Author: Collin Day

The land now known as South America was once inhabited by several ancient cultures, including the Inca, Maya, and Aztec. These civilizations were some of the most advanced in the world at the time, and their legacies can still be seen in many of the region’s ancient ruins. The arrival of Europeans in the 15th […]


6 Tips for Planning the Perfect Outdoor Destination Wedding

February 25, 2022, Author: Collin Day

If you’re dreaming of getting married in a beautiful location surrounded by nature, then an outdoor destination wedding might be perfect for you! However, there are a few things to consider when planning one of these weddings. This blog post will share six tips that will help make your outdoor destination wedding perfect! 1. Choose […]