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Visiting Manila: 5 Places to Put on Your List

February 23, 2018, Author: Collin Day

Do you want a taste of culture where the east meets west? The Philippines is the place to be. Tourists can experience the Malayan culture here, while also enjoying the remarkable signs of American and Spanish influences. Spanish architecture left a huge mark in the country, especially in its city halls and parks. Even if […]


Bath: So Much to See and Do

October 31, 2017, Author: Collin Day

Whether you prefer a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, country cottage, or even a city apartment for your holiday lodging, you’re sure to find one in Bath. With so many choices on where to spend the night and plenty of activities to indulge in during the day, your short break in Bath will be nothing […]


Remember These Factors When Choosing a Hotel for Your Vacation

October 26, 2017, Author: Collin Day

Despite the growing number of options for travel accommodations, a majority of travellers still prefer staying in hotels for general safety and service. Unlike hostels or bed and breakfast lodges, hotels offer more amenities and practice only the highest standards of hospitality. If you plan to stay in a hotel in Bath City Centre, picking the right […]


Add These UNESCO Sites to Your Asia Bucket List

June 15, 2017, Author: Collin Day

Asia has many exciting destinations for those who want to satiate their wanderlust, whether they love history or nature. The region has several centuries-old structures and beautiful landscapes recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here are just some of the beautiful places you can discover, experience, explore and get lost in during your trip to Asia. Angkor Wat […]