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Category: Holidays


Take Your Patrons Beer Hop Hopping Around the World Without Leaving Your Brewery

September 6, 2018, Author: Beyond Boundaries Travel

The Galaxy from Down Under One of the more popular imports, Australia’s Galaxy hops, has successfully endeared itself to American brewers. Galaxy is a dual-purpose hop — ideal for both bittering and flavoring. Galaxy has strong citrus and passion fruit tones. You could influence the flavor profile to lean toward one or the other depending […]


Visiting Manila: 5 Places to Put on Your List

February 23, 2018, Author: Beyond Boundaries Travel

Do you want a taste of culture where the east meets west? The Philippines is the place to be. Tourists can experience the Malayan culture here, while also enjoying the remarkable signs of American and Spanish influences. Spanish architecture left a huge mark in the country, especially in its city halls and parks. Even if […]


Going Skiing for the First Time? Safety Advice

October 31, 2017, Author: Beyond Boundaries Travel

The existing records tell the tale, a majority of accidents involve novice skiers, on the beginner’s slope and their first day of the trip. Thus, it is critical to ski to your ability. If you are not feeling ready for a black run, do not go for it. Most novice skiers get confused when planning […]

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