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Travel Hacks

Seoul for First-timers: A Guide

October 19, 2018, Author: Collin Day

Over the years, the rise of Hallyu Wave, or more commonly known as K-Pop has really skyrocketed. People from different parts of the world fall in love with Korean series (and their characters) and sing and dance to Korean songs. The influence of K-Pop is so huge that one of the most famous groups, BTS, […]

Travel Hacks

A Minimalist’s Guide to a Long Weekend in London

July 25, 2018, Author: Collin Day

Despite the wet and gloomy weather of London, it remains to be one of the top cities visited by tourists in the world. Whether you’re spending your gap year backpacking across Europe or want a quick escape from your daily surroundings for a dose of history and culture, here are options to inspire you in planning your […]

Travel Hacks

5 Tips to Make Traveling with Kids More Enjoyable

May 30, 2018, Author: Collin Day

Going on a family vacation is one of the best moments in a kid’s life. These are the memories that they’ll cherish and tell their kids about when they grow old. That’s why it’s important for parents to make the experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. For one, homesteadsuites.com notes that your accommodations should have […]

Travel Hacks

What to Look for in a Travel Agency

March 20, 2018, Author: Collin Day

Sometimes, it feels good to know that you’re in control. And that’s true even when it comes to planning for trips. But considering the numerous procedures, you’ll need to follow to have a successful LDS travel or cruise, you’ll want to leave that to the experts. Working with a full-service travel agency is what you need here. […]

Travel Hacks

How to Travel to Singapore with Children

November 17, 2017, Author: Collin Day

Places to visit in Singapore for family abound; you can find many attractions and activities that your whole family, especially the children, will enjoy on your vacation. Aside from the attractions and activities, however, how you handle your children, particularly toddlers, can also affect your family’s overall enjoyment. Travelling with kids has long been a […]