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Famous Historical Sites in the UK You Should Really Visit

June 28, 2018, Author: Collin Day

Are you looking for places to add to your itinerary for your upcoming trip to the United Kingdom? If so, the country has some historical sites worth visiting. You will have plenty of choices, from castles to prisons to quaint restored houses and mansions.


Probably the most famous group of stones in the country; the centuries-old Stonehenge elicits a variety of emotions such as awe and wonder. It is a reminder of a culture and history that is no longer seen, it still mysterious use haunts people to this day.

Edinburgh Castle

This is a famous and favourite tourist attraction in Scotland as it towers above the city and has picturesque surroundings. The fortress provides visitors with a glimpse of the glorious past and rich culture of the Scots. You can also see important relics such as the Scottish Crown Jewels and Stone of Destiny here.

Caernarfon Castle

King Edward I had this castle built in the 13th century; located in Wales, Caernarfon has 13 spectacular towers and claims recognition as one of the most impressive fortresses in the country. The Menai Strait and the River Seiont on both its sides serve as a natural defence.

Bodmin Jail

This is one of the historic attractions you can find in Cornwall and add to your itinerary. It elicits fear from its visitors because of its scary interior and exterior. This jail has the country’s last execution pit and was the home of unfortunate prisoners.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The dome of the cathedral is one of the things you will notice first once you get a good look of London’s beautiful skyline. This architectural wonder is a famous attraction; the present structure finished construction in 1710.


If you want sweeping and dramatic views of the sea and the mountains with a set of ruins in between, this attraction in Cornwall is the place you should go to. Some of the places you can visit while here are Merlin’s Cave, the garden ruins and the café.

These are some of the popular historical destinations to visit while in the United Kingdom. Add these to your itinerary to learn more about the country’s history and storied past.