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Make It Sweet and Surprising: Planning a Honeymoon Trip

October 2, 2018, Author: Beyond Boundaries Travel

After the wedding cake has been eaten and the last of the guests has shaken hands with you and your spouse, the next thing you need to do is the honeymoon. Planning for it is something you can have fun. However, give yourself some rest before you go about it.

The honeymoon should be memorable and good. While spontaneous events can be fun, things can be much more memorable for a good reason if the trip is well planned. Since this will be your first time to go on a honeymoon, you may find it quite overwhelming. Let this article give you some important pointers.


The car will not move if it does not have fuel. The same goes for a honeymoon. You cannot leave without the money. If you have the money, you must budget it properly. Things can be much easier if the money for the honeymoon is actually part of your wedding budget. If your family and friends have gifted you cash and even plane tickets, make use of them!


The choice of destinations is important as your wedding budget will depend on it. In Asia, you may want to explore great cities such as Singapore. Travelling to such countries can be stress-free. They have great transport systems and infrastructure. Once in Singapore, you and your spouse should have a great time. Get tickets to Wings of Time, for instance, and be amazed by the multi-sensory extravaganza it offers.


Of course, spontaneity is great—but not when you travel for a honeymoon. Avoid conflicts during your honeymoon by agreeing on an itinerary, which will cover different places to visit and things to explore. You can go to parks such as Haw Par Villa, the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and Gardens by the Bay. If you are both animal lovers, you can go to the Singapore Zoo or the River Safari.

Planning your honeymoon should not be difficult at all. Make things much easier by preparing ahead of time and agreeing on plans and activities. Doing so will save you from unnecessary stress.

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